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Deep Sea Fishing Charters - Gloucester, MA

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Giant Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Charters aboard the Sandy B:

Giant bluefin tuna charters run from June through mid-November from our docks in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The Cape Ann - Gloucester area is know the world over for the massive schools of  giant bluefin tuna that migrate here. The Japanese prize our tuna - known as "Boston Bluefin tuna" as the finest sushi tuna found anywhere.

Captain Bluefin and the crew aboard the Sandy B are true fishing fanatics. We love to fish for cod fish, haddock and striped bass. While we love to fish for cod, haddock and striped bass, there is something extra special about a giant bluefin tuna charter. The anticipation starts to build while rigging baits at our docks in Gloucester, MA  the night before a tuna charter and keeps on building.  It's tough to sleep the night before a tuna fishing charter.

Tuna will begin to bite while trolling towards the end of May. This time of year is the time to troll for giant bluefin tuna. Trolling for giant bluefin tuna is an art not easily learned. Capt. Bluefin has spent many years mastering the techniques and attention to detail required to successfully troll up a giant tuna.

Some years the troll bite lasts the entire season. Other years by July fourth the tuna have "settled in" and are more likely to bite while anchored up chumming or flying our kite with live bait. Watching a tuna "air out" attacking a kite bait is an unbelievable sight! Aboard the Sandy B the goal is to catch fish. If the fish are biting while anchored up chumming, that's where you will find us. We are equally at home anchored up chumming or trolling. We do what it takes to HOOK UP tuna on the Sandy B.

Tuna Caught on the Drift


Kite Fishing School Tuna on Light Tackle


We welcome you to join us for an awesome giant bluefin tuna charter. Give Capt. Bluefin a call to arrange an exciting trip of a lifetime.

Note:  Our Federal permit requires the vessel to retain possession of fish over 73 inches. Tail quarters, and head meat (awesome SUSHI) can be prepared for the charter party to take home when a giant is landed.

We share 25% of the net proceeds from the sale of Giant Tuna(s) with our charter party(maximum equal to the amount of the charter fee).


Gratuity: Our mates work for tips. A minimum gratuity of at least 15-20% should be calculated into the cost of your charter.

Please refer to our RATES page for pricing information.