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Fishing Reports August 2007


Aug. 3, 2007 -  Cod and haddock trip. Awesome. I've been dying to do a ground fish trip. Plenty of cod and haddock. Beautiful weather, calm seas. Lots of fish. My family and I will be eating haddock all week.


Aug. 11, 2007 -   Exhausted isn't the word for it. OK, maybe it is. We have been making one trip after another. I just haven't had the time nor energy to take pictures, or update the web site. Today we had our second tuna trip of the year. Our first trip was uneventful. Today was much better. We hooked three tuna and brought all three to the boat. All three were about 70 pounds. We were trolling a mix of rigs. Our first strike was a double hookup. One on a daisy chain attached to light tackle, the other on our Penn 130's. What a howl on light gear, not much of a challenge on our giant killing reels. No matter what, a lot of fun. We released the third fish. Lunch was fresh tuna with soy sauce (reduced salt of course) and loads of wasabe. Spectacular. You can see a video our party shot at:

We have many more tuna trips planned for this year.  GOOD! I'm ready for more fresh sushi.




Aug. 13, 2007 -   We had our third tuna trip of the year today. Offshore hunting fish. We marked fish off and on throughout the day. We finally got a bite in the afternoon. The fish took the rig right off the back of the boat. Pretty exciting. A decent sized fish - 60 plus inches, approximately 130 pounds. We are pleased to finally have a chance to catch the tunas that have been here since June.


Aug. 16, 2007 -   Today we had 2 half day striper trips.  We picked away at bass on both trips today. Many bluefish bites in the AM. This morning Pete the mate noticed some interesting marks on the fish finder right at the bottom. He grabbed a cod rod and sent some bait straight to the bottom. I said NO - I didn't want him to raise the bad things (dog fish). A minute later his rod was bent right over. A good size pollock. He sent the sinker right back down. Bang - doubles - good size racer pollock & a 30+ inch cod. This time of year big cod in side was quite a surprise. We ended up picking up 24 - 36 inch cod all through the day. Picking off bass on top, and cod off the bottom. What a great day!




Aug. 23, 2007 -   We finally got another chance to go ground fishing today. Plenty of cod and haddock.  We have a little secret we use when the dogs are a nuisance, and it sure worked today! Lots of fun.


Aug. 24, 2007 -   Striped bass fishing was great today. No dogs. Lots of bass. A full 8 hours to fish. We got the slick going and picked off nice striper throughout the day.

Fishing Charter Massachusetts - Sandy B Fishing Charters - Gloucester MA - Cod Tuna Striped Bass