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Fishing Reports September 2007


Sept. 1, 2007 -   We had our fifth tuna charter of the year today, and we were determined to make the most out of it. On our last charter the party watched a giant swim behind the baits until it went away.  Pretty depressing. If they had let either the mate or me know right off, we would have triggered the bite. You know how a dog will bite if you run away from it. All we would have had to do is give the reel a couple of quick cranks, and we would have had a hookup. Most aggravating. So there we were this morning, trolling along and POW - we had a hookup. We brought the fish right to the boat, and it spit the hook seconds before we could bring it on board. We immediately got the rigs back in the water. Ten minutes later we went off again and put the fish in the boat. What a relief. This year we're 3 for 5 so far tuna fishing. Not a bad record at all. Now if only they had told me about the fish behind the rigs on our last trip....

Sept 2, 2007 -  Our trips today consisted of 2 four hour bass and bluefish charters. The bluefish have been so aggressive the past few weeks that the stripers aren't getting a chance to bite. Nice problem to have. We caught a couple of bass and a several blue fish during the AM trip. This afternoon we had the nicest group of people you could ever want on board. We love it when the whole family comes as a group. Mom and Dad and the 4 kids. Awesome. The fishing was also very good which helps. A bunch of bluefish and two more keeper striped bass. 


Sept 3, 2007 -  Striper and bluefish on the Sandy B are as close to a sure bet as you could ever have - at least when it comes to fishing. We continued right in stride today. Lots of bluefish getting to the baits before the stripers. Still a couple of bass managed to get there first, including one 43 inch bass. Then to complete a great day, I took the afternoon off and went to dinner with my wife and kids. Beauteous!



Sept 8, 2007 -  Another Saturday morning tuna charter. We picked up our party at 5:00 AM. Still pitch dark. I don't turn lights on on the wheelhouse when it's dark outside. It always takes a few minutes after the lights go out for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. I hear a familiar voice from the past. It seems our party today has brought along an old and dear friend of mine. Two thoughts immediately cross my mind. First - what a pleasant surprise to have Nimo on board. Second - double the pressure to put a tuna on the boat.  Funny thing. I told Mate Pauly that I had a feeling we would hook up before we got all the rigs in the water.  We put the first three rigs in the water. Pauly let the third rig out as I headed over to the fourth rig. I picked up the fourth rig, and the rig we just put out - a flat line 30 feet off the transom - went off.   So much for double the pressure.

Sept 9, 2007 -  Back hunting bluefin tuna once more early this morning. Not much sleep for the captain this weekend. Then again, who needs sleep when you're catching bluefin. The forecast - 5-10 knots, seas 2-4 feet. It sure was calm this morning for a couple of hours. But by 7 AM the wind had started kicking up - 25 from the NE. Seas 4-6 feet. The boat - solid as a rock. We were one of the only boats to venture forth. Our party today had flown up from Alabama. Lucky we have a boat big enough to handle some weather. Trolling is almost always better when it's a little rough out. We trolled for hours without a mark. Finally towards the end of the day we started marking. I mentioned to the mate that there was a good body of fish around - why haven't we hooked up. Two minutes later we hooked up.  The second picture from today is a shot of a stowaway that flew aboard. She grabbed hold of the mono on the rod, and promptly flipped upside down. She then held stayed in that position for quite some time. She the got up and flew safely away.


Sept 14, 2007 -  Captain Rick took the boat today. Another tuna fishing charter. Of course he caught a fish. I better get one tomorrow.


Sept 15, 2007 -  A gray and rainy day. Calm seas in the morning. Big time wind from the North predicted for around noon. The boat has been on a roll. At least one fish in each of the last 6 trips. Would today make it seven in a row? Would the wind come up and blow us out before we got a fish in the boat. Enough of the suspense already! Yes we hooked up, and yes we put another tuna in the boat.  And yes it looks like the one Rick caught yesterday was bigger. C'est la guerre. There's always next week - because tomorrow we fish for Cod and Haddock.


Sept 16, 2007 - What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was overcast, dreary and very breezy. Today we had bright skies, and a gentle breeze. Our first cod and haddock charter in a long time. I like eating bluefin tuna as much as the next guy, but a piece of broiled haddock was long overdue.  Our guests today asked if we had been ground fishing recently. The short answer: No. Did we know where to go: I sure hope so. No need to worry - the fish were right where I thought they would be. We did great for a short trip. Tons of haddock, only three keeper cod. The fish bit like crazy on the tide change. Madness! When the tide started running things slowed down. We filled one of our big coolers right to the top, not counting the fish my mate and I caught on our own. A picture perfect day with a great group of people. Another family day. Three brothers and their kids. We got several really good shots today. Hate to chew up the time it takes for this page to load, but I just had to share some of these shots.




Sept 23, 28 & 29, 2007 - There's no way I can keep up with our fishing reports. Better to be fishing than sitting in front of a computer! We've run a bunch of cod and haddock charters the past couple of weeks. Great catches every trip. Pictures from three trips follow. Trips this time of year have ranged from very good to superior. As has become the norm, lots more haddock than cod. I would expect the ratio to switch over a little more towards cod as the fall wears on. We have also had a couple of striped bass and bluefish trips recently. Striper fishing has been slow, but fishing for bluefish has been excellent. We are doing a lot more trolling than chunking for stripers and blues these days. Frequently getting triple hookups while on the troll. We have not had a tuna trip of late. We do know for sure that tuna fishing has remained hot for footballs. We will be doing more tuna trips in the future, so stay tuned










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