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Fishing Reports Summer 2007




June 13, 2007 -  Wow have we been busy. Tough to keep up with fishing reports. We have been running one striped bass trip after another the past couple of weeks. Striper fishing has ranged from good to very good. Several keepers every trip. Many schoolies mixed in. Very consistent and a lot of fun! Today we caught our first bluefish of the season as well as a bunch of striper. The following pictures are just a few from some of our most recent trips. We are starting to see some very large stripers "out front" now. They are just showing up from offshore. Striper fishing is off to a strong start. We have not taken any cod and haddock trips the past few weeks. It's that time of year when we will head up north to areas that are permanently closed to commercial fishing. We have not had a chance to target bluefin tuna as yet this year. Tuna are here, and we're also dying to get offshore and catch some tuna. The following pictures are just a few from some of our most recent striper trips.


 June 16, 2007 -   Today we had a bachelor party for my mate Rick's future brother-in-law. Once again we were chunking for stripers and bluefish. Striper fishing continues to be very good. We caught the keepers pictured below on a 4 hour trip this afternoon.


June 17, 2007 -    What better gift to dad than a striped bass fishing trip on than Father's Day! We had two half day striper trips today.  The fishing which has been so good the past several trips was a little slow today. We did bring many schoolies less than keeper size to the boat. All day long the hook baits would get a bite, only to have the bait stolen or ripped up. Most likely little stripers. At the end of the day we did get on some decent sized stripers that were biting well. I know where we'll start off next trip....


June 20, 2007 -    It's been three days since our last trip. We've been running one striper trip after another. Today we had yet another 4 hour charter targeting striped bass. Our father's day trips had been a little slow. Today we were back on top of the fish big time. Our party today were beginners at the start of the day. Admittedly it's frustrating watching what are obviously big fish get away due to angler inexperience. The gratifying part is when people grasp the concept of how we fish, and they start to land some fish. Four hours is not a lot of time to gain experience. The fishing today was very good, and our party got the concept of how to angle fish in time to boat several good sized stripers, and finally a couple fish in the 36 inch range  - and fat at that. In the end, we got some fish, and everyone had a great time.


June 23, 2007 -    We have done nothing but fish for striped bass this entire month. I can't ever recall a month when all we did was fish for striper. Luckily every trip but one has been a roaring success. Mate Mike D, Mate Mike M and myself were in class finishing up our Masters Captain License course today. All three of us passed the course, and are qualified for our 100 Ton Masters License. Mate Rick D, who already has his 100 ton license, ran the trip today. He had the pleasure of having a group of two couples. From what Rick told me, they were the nicest, most gracious group you could hope to have on board. The fishing - nothing but schoolies in the morning. Rick made a move in the afternoon, and got on a PILE of big striper. All in all - I was stuck in a classroom, and Ricky D was with a great bunch of people catching big fish. To tell you the truth - I couldn't be more pleased. It's always rewarding when it's a successful day whether I'm there or not.




June 24, 2007 -   We took today off for scheduled maintenance on the Sandy B. Of course when we were finished we had to go out and fish for an hour before heading home. We headed to where Rick had so much fun yesterday. The stripers were still there. What a howl. We were sight fishing feeding the our baits right to the stripers. Awesome.

June 29 - July 1, 2007 -   Striper trip, cod trip then striper trip the past three days. Our first cod trip the entire month. Three days of fun! Catching fish no matter the target species. Lots of striped bass, plenty of cod and haddock.  This summer is shaping up to be another memorable and productive time for fishing. This Friday we'll finally get a chance to target bluefin tuna. Tuna are being trolled up on a regular basis this summer. We'll be thrilled to have a day to target giants next week. Stay tuned!


July 4, 2007 -   You know how life is. When you most need something mechanical, it breaks. Today just when I had some good shots to take, the battery in my camera died. Luckily Mate Paulie had his camera! We had a half day charter today. We started off behind an island where we have been doing well all year. One little schoolie in the first hour and a half. We lit up the diesel and headed to another spot we have been fishing. We have been having a problem with dogfish there, and fishing has been difficult. We dropped anchor and began to chum. No dogs. A good sign. After 20 minutes - no stripers. Bad sign. Finally we saw one faint mark on the fish finder. A minute later we caught a small bass. We kept chumming. A few minutes later, I looked up and saw several marks on the screen.  Get ready - we're gonna hook up. Pow - one rod bent over. Lots of marks on the screen. Pandemonium. Hookups all over the boat. These guys had a baptism by fire. We loaded up on big bass over the next hour. One fish 47 inches long. A bunch of other fish including a 40 incher. Check out the picture with the gentleman wearing the red cap. His hand is stuck in the gills of the 47 incher, and out the mouth. That's a big mouth. Awesome.


July 5, 2007 -   Yesterday there wasn't one dog fish where we caught all our fish. Today - you cold walk on them. Luckily we have a couple of tricks that allow us to fish through the dogs. Plenty of striper again today. Lots of fun. The last picture from today has an interesting story to go with it. When we pulled in to tie up today we saw a young man in the water with a fishing rod. Apparently his uncle owns a dragger at the pier, and he fishes off our dock. He hooked up the fish pictured below. After jumping from boat to boat, he apparently had to jump into water to avoid losing the fish. I can't quite figure out why. Nonetheless, he hauled himself out of the water with a 36 inch fish. Good job!


July 6 - 9, 2007 -   We are in the middle of a run of 6 trips in 6 days.  These past 4 days have been as hectic as can be.  Striped bass fishing continues to be strong!! We had one ground fishing trip that was average. Our first day ground fishing in several weeks. We have a monster cod trip scheduled for Saturday, and we're not coming home until we get on a pile of fish!  We have loaded a bunch of new tuna gear that has been working this year, and we have also located where the bite has been going on. We can't wait for the opportunity to go catch some tunas.









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