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Fishing Reports Spring 2007


April 1, 2007 -  Cod season officially opened today. We had a trip booked, but at the last second our charter didn't make it due to illness. What could we do? The weather was mild and there was no wind. The sun was shining brightly. We had a ton of bait. There was no other choice - we just had to go fishing. Just mate Mike and myself. It was tough but we forced ourselves.

We stopped at several spots where we marked piles of fish. Just a couple of bites, no keepers.  We moved yet again. The screen was lit up with bait - sand eels. Maybe some fish were feeding on the them. We stopped and dropped our lines - BANG - instant cod. We nailed the cod one after another till we had all we could eat for the week. Then caught and released a bunch more. No problem limiting out at this spot! We'll be sure to stop here next week if we can get out.


April 7, 2007 -  We did indeed manage to get out today. We had a party of hard core fisherman from NY and Ct. onboard. They were a real lively and funny bunch of guys. That's for sure. Three guys from NY. The other 3 from Ct. Of course they got a pool going NY vs. Ct.  A pretty hysterical interstate rivalry. They harassed each other all day.  "Another one for the cooler for Ct. What's wrong with you people from NY?"

Once again we tried a couple of our favorite spring hot spots. I know these spots will light up any day now. Unfortunately not today. Just a couple of small cod.  

So we headed a little further offshore to where we we caught cod last week. Sure enough, the sand eels were still there. We saw whales and dolphin as well. But were the cod still here? They sure were. Many of the cod were small, and they kept us busy all day. Plenty of keepers, just a lot of small cod in between keepers. We picked away at the fish all day. A couple of short flurries, but overall a steady pick of keepers. Our guests today fished all day non-stop, and their hard work paid off. They got their fish, they just had to work at it. No free rides this trip. By the end of the day we were all tired, but, we did fill one and a half of our big coolers. Another successful trip!

In the end, the group from Ct. said they kicked NY's butts. I can't print what the team from NY said. My mate said it was pretty even. I'm staying out of it. They said they will be coming back up this May for our inshore haddock season. I sense a return bout.


April 21, 2007 -  It has been incredibly stormy the last two weeks. Unbelievably high tides, tons of rain and seas to 20 feet. Not a safe time to be offshore fishing. We finally got a break in the weather, and headed off offshore to where we have been catching cod since the start of the season. Drifting was productive, and we picked up a bunch of good sized cod and a couple of haddock. Normally, we won't leave fish to find fish. Today, however, we had our good luck charm on board - my 6 year old son Jacob. We've been dying to try out some of our spring time haddock spots, and our party today was agreeable about rolling the dice as far as leaving fish. We fired up the diesel and headed to the haddock grounds. But were the fish there? The water depth was deeper than where we had been drifting, and the current was rippin'. Time to anchor up. It took about 15 minutes before the first bite. Haddock. Another rod bent and another haddock. We put haddock in the boat steadily for the rest of the day. A few more cod, but mostly haddock. A couple of nice flurries with 2 or 3 anglers hooked up at once. When someone didn't get a bite for a little while they called Jake over to hold the rod for them. A minute later they would have a fish on the line. Just about every time. Pretty funny. We filled up one of our big coolers to overflowing and were well on our way towards filling a second cooler when it was time to head in. What a day. Great people, warm temperatures, calm seas and lots of fish. Beauteous.


May 5, 2007 -  The boat has been hauled out for yearly maintenance the past two weeks. Today we headed back to our favorite spring time area. On board: Our party from Connecticut up for their yearly fishing trip. The Question: were the fish still around? The Answer: Oh yes - big time!!!! We had nearly constant action all day. Many times the fish came through in waves. Almost all haddock. Beauties!!! Offshore insanity. Fish flying all over the place. All over the deck, coming over the side, going in the cooler. By the end of the day - coolers filled to the brim. Another special May day. Mild weather, calm seas and awesome fishing. Gotta love it.



May 10, 2007 -  We had another trip offshore fishing for cod and haddock today.  Fishing began at the spot where we did so well last Saturday. Slower than heck. Time for a move. Some friends of ours were drifting a few miles away. They said they were doing OK. We headed over there, drove around 'till we marked a pile of fish. Immediately we started to hookup. Mostly cod, mostly on the jig. The wind and the tide were opposed. Perfect conditions for drifting. Some of the drifts lasted over an hour - catching fish the whole time. The engine off. Quiet and peaceful. By late morning the bite started to stop. Plenty of fish showed on the finder. Just a few bites. In the afternoon, the tide turned, and we went on the anchor. Steady bites all afternoon. Mostly haddock on bait in the PM. Lots of cod on the jig in the AM. Awesome!! As you can see in the last picture from today - the seagulls sure know when we're filleting the days catch.


May 24, 2007 -  It has been a busy couple of weeks. Many trips, and not much time to post trip reports.  We have been fishing exclusively for cod and haddock thus far this season. The fishing has been very consistent. One or two big coolers full nearly every trip. Once in a while an average trip. Overall - very consistent and rewarding. We will continue to fish the same area we have all spring until June 1st when this spot will open up to commercial fishing. Today we were back on the grounds banging away on cod and haddock. We have been seeing predominantly haddock, but today we saw a good mix of cod as well. Beautiful warm weather and great fishing.


May 25, 2007 -  Today was one of those picture perfect days where everything just came together. The weather was absolutely spectacular. Clear and warm offshore. Not too hot. Just comfortable. The fishing. Nothing short of phenomenal. We drifted the entire day. Calm water - hour long drifts banging mainly haddock in the morning. Drifting an edge in the afternoon. Pretty much constant action the entire day. Tons of really big haddock. Awesome. Lots of smiles and lots of fish. Lots of great pictures for our scrapbook. A real special fun day.


May 30, 2007 -  We made our last trip of the year to our spring time fishing spot today. June 1st the area will open to commercial fishing and the fish will be dispersed. Time to head North. We did take advantage of our last day in this area. Plenty of cod and haddock. The haddock were taking bait (occasionally a jig and teaser).  Cod fish were slamming jigs!!! We had a return trip from earlier this year. Just the Ct. half of the NY - Ct. fishing war. Only three people in the party. They worked at the gunwale all day, and caught plenty of fish. We also picked up a couple of good sized stripers just outside of Gloucester Harbor while filleting ground fish. Keeper Striper are definitely here. We will now start fishing in areas that are permanently closed to commercial fishing. The ride out is just a little longer. The fishing as good or better!



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