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Sept. 1, 2006  -  Fishing for school tuna continues to be fabulous. We got another chance to go fishing for "footballs" today, and we made the most of it. Seven hookups, we boated five fish. All the fish were in the 30 to 70 pound range. Once again we did not see any giants taken. It didn't matter what we ran for gear today, it all went off. We usually run a mix of Penn 130 two speeds and Penn 50  reels. What a blast catching these fish on the lighter gear. This is the best season for school tuna in years!


Sept. 4, 2006  -  The weather was not very cooperative on Saturday and Sunday. We got our charter that was originally scheduled for last Friday out cod and haddock fishing today - Labor Day. The seas were still sloppy, but very fishable. The sun shone most of the day. Our first stop for the day was a hump we fish that is just 12 miles from Gloucester. This time of year the fish usually show up here, and the fishing can be fantastic. We dropped the hook (set the anchor) close to the edge of the bank - just on top - out of the deep water. While Rick was giving a refresher course on the way we ground fish, and in the use of the reels, I snuck a line into the water. Instantaneous bite - little cod. Two more instantaneous bites. Both times small cod. Our guests started to fish, and they were picking up small cod as well. I was beginning to become concerned that all we would get here were undersized cod when I looked at the rod next to me bouncing. I call it the haddock bounce. Haddock tend to be more active when hooked, and this rod was definitely doing the haddock bounce. The haddock had found us and we slammed 'em for several hours. Once again - predominately large haddock with a few 19 - 21 inch keepers thrown in. We rarely caught a short haddock. The fishing slowed after several hours, and we deployed our secret weapon rather than move for the last hour. Ten minutes later all rods were once again bent over for the duration.  Tons of big beautiful haddock - my favorite! Just a couple of cod for the day, including one in the 25 - 30 pound range. We expect schools of large cod will start to show up this fall as usual.

Today was the kind of day we love. Anchor up one time. Catch fish all day without having to move. Have a ton of fun with great people. Can't beat it!



Sept. 14, 2006  -  Off the dock at 4 o'clock - AM that is. Rougher than stink. Headed back out trolling for tuna. By 7 AM the wind had let off appreciably, and all on board were comfortable. By 7:30 AM we had four strikes and two fish in the boat. After we had the two fish in the boat we fished catch and release. By the end of the day we had 9 strikes, 5 hookups and 4 fish to the boat. A couple close to keeper size in the 150 pound range. We continue to slam school tuna almost every trip. These fish will be here through October, and boy are they biting!!! We have also had several cod and haddock trips the past week. Consistently awesome trips. If the weather holds up we will be ground fishing this weekend. Stay tuned.


Sept. 16, 2006  -  Offshore fishing for cod and haddock. Tom S and friends from Western Mass back for their second trip of the year. We headed east to the area we fish that is permanently closed to commercial fishing. Calm seas, bright sun, warm temperatures. A stellar day. The fishing? Another solid day. We filled our cooler and part of the next. Several good sized cod, tons of haddock. More bags full of pure white fillets. As the waters cool, we are starting to see more keeper cod mixed in with piles of haddock. We expect cod and haddock fishing to continue to be awesome the rest of the year.




Sept. 17, 2006  -  We got some great shots during our cod and haddock charter today. First we stopped to troll for a couple of minutes when we saw the birds and whales working. Got a great shot of a whale that surfaced right next to us. Later in the morning we came upon a small (200-300 pound) sunfish. They get huge. A very odd looking creature at best.


Oct. 23, 2006  -  Phew. It's been a busy few weeks. No time to stop and update fishing reports. Lot's of time fishing. We've been fishing for cod, haddock and school bluefin tuna. Fishing for school tuna continues to be absolutely amazing. Many hookups almost every trip. Fish ranging from 50 - 150 lbs on light tackle. What a blast. Fishing for cod and haddock has ranged from good to awesome. Ground fishing this fall has gotten better and better as the water cools. Non-stop action. Several cod in the 20-30 pound range. A big racer pollock here and there. AND TONS of haddock (my favorite). We have been filling the coolers the last few trips. We will be fishing straight through the winter when weather permits. Make sure to join us for a November cod and haddock day off-shore. A perfect time to put up some fish for the winter!



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