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June 5, 2006 -  Cod and haddock fishing has been going great all year. Today - more of the same. The weather this year has been mostly rainy and dreary. Today, however was a beautiful calm day. Mostly clear skies and lots of fish. We are on a pile of haddock off to the east of where we have been fishing the past month. Solid action throughout the day. Tons of haddock, just a few cod.  Lots of action to keep us occupied. One decent sized wolf fish. Another great day!


June 9, 2006 -  A cold and dreary day dawned this morning. Winds from the west - 15 to 20 knots. Seas 3-5 feet. We moved even further off to the east today. A 20 mile run. We had a 11 + hour cod and haddock charter scheduled, and lots of time to find fish. We made a couple of quick stops on the way out - just small cod. When we made it out to our destination - the fish finder looked good. Solid marks of fish. We started off drifting, and immediately started banging on big haddock and a few cod.  In a little while the tide turned and started to run, and drifting became difficult. We anchored up, and continued to slam the fish.  It seems pretty clear that the cod and haddock we were targeting this spring have moved off to the east and settled in.  Once in this area the fishing has always been consistently good right through November. We will continue to make the trip to these prolific grounds for the rest of the season. By the end of the day we had filled our 162 quart cooler to overflowing. We then nearly filled our 100 quart cooler. The picture of the cooler below was taken at 11:00 am - nearly filled by then!




June 11, 2006 -  An 8-9 hour cod and haddock trip today. We fished some of our favorite inside spots. Still plenty of haddock and cod close in. The outgoing morning tide saw non-stop action. We made a small move to the Northeast for the last hour or two, and continued to pick away at fish. The afternoon action was a lot slower than in the morning today.




June 17, 2006 -  Our first striped bass charter of the year. Unfortunately Capt. Bluefin needed to attend a family function. It appears that my absence was not sorely missed. The crew hauled in six keepers and a bunch of schoolies.


June 19, 2006 -  We took off yesterday (Father's Day). Today we took my relatives offshore whale watching and fishing for bluefish. It was nice to see tons of whales where we have traditionally seen them. The last few years the sand eels (sand lance) that the whales feed on has been scarce. This year the sand eels are plentiful, and the whales are back! Trolling for bluefish was awesome, with one strike after another. With all this bait here, it is virtually a guarantee that bluefin tuna will show up at this spot.


June 24 & 25, 2006 -  Double monster cod and haddock trips this weekend. We marked tremendous amounts of cod and haddock, as well as incredible amounts of bait. Both days saw respectable catches consisting mainly of haddock. All the fish we caught were gorged with feed. We anticipate hauling some recod catches and over stuffed coolers from this spot in the next several weeks. It seems our guess that tuna fish would show up where we were blue fishing last week was right on the mark. This weekend saw one of my close friends trolling that spot for tuna both on Saturday and Sunday. He trolled up and landed fish both days.  A total of three tuna over the two days. There were several other hookups in the same area. The tuna landed at this spot over this past weekend were less than 73 inches so far. It's a sure bet that with all the feed there, that there are giants in the area as well. If the bait stays here, this should be an awesome year for tuna fishing.





July 2, 2006 - Striped bass fishing this morning. We went outside the breakwater to head for our favorite striper haunts this morning. The wind was not bad, and the seas were not very rough at all. However, one of the kids on board started to feel a little queasy. No problem. We headed into the harbor, up the Annisquam and out to Ipwswich Bay into the lee of the little wind we had. Unfortunately, we didn't get on the stripers in the bay either. Back up the river we went and into Gloucester Harbor. By now it was getting late.We set up and started to chum in the inner harbor. Bang schoolie. Bang another schoolie. Bang a keeper. We were hooking up like crazy. Losing some big fish, boating a couple big fish. All in all a fun day!



 July 5 & 6, 2006 - Two tuna/striper tips this weekend. Our first shot at targeting tuna on Saturday. We were in fish (tuna) all day. Tons of whale and insane amounts of sand eels. We had lookers both days, including an 800 lb slob that rolled through our squid rig. It was one of those weekends when the fish were there, but not biting. No one brought a fish in over the weekend. It looks like the tuna are swimming around eating sand eels till they are full. A few tuna (dressing in the 500-650 lb) range have been taken the past week. These fish will settle in and turn on. This year looks to be a memorable year for tuna fishing. Both days we took an hour at the end of the day to target striper, and both days we were into some big ones. We won't have a chance to target tuna for over a week now - cod trips planned for this weekend. I can't wait to put some of these giants on the boat.


July 8 & 9, 2006 - Back to back 8-9 hour cod and haddock trips this weekend. Saturday's trip was a little slow. We marked fish all day, but had some trouble getting bites. We did get a nice big cod in the 25 - 30 pound range. We ended up having a good day, just not as good as we have come to expect. Sundays trip worked out substantially better. We pulled out our 15 foot sea anchor and and had several very productive drifts. The fish seemed to turn on better while chasing the bait a little. Lots of haddock and cod. Several nice cusk. All and all a great weekend. Check out the last picture from this posting. My mate tried to knock a little sense into my 5 year old. I don't think it worked.



July 15, 2006 - We ran another combo trip today. We continue to slam the bluefish and striped bass. Beautiful mid-simmer weather. A real pleasure to be off shore! At one point while we were offshore we stopped to watch a pod of 10+ humpback whales bubble feeding. We stopped the boat and shut the engine off. After a while the whales were all around us feeding like mad. It looked like a scene from National Geographic.



July 17, 2006 - Cod and haddock fishing offshore. Insanely hot weather on land. Cool and comfortable at sea. We had a slow pick in the morning. Moving from spot to spot. A few fish here, a few fish there. A little too slow for my tastes. We made a move off to the North of the bank we have been fishing. Still a slow pick. I was beginning to get concerned. We had been drifting all day to this point. I found a spot where we marked some fish. We anchored up and started fishing. Nothing. Finally after 20 minutes we got a bite. A few minutes later two more of our guests hooked up. When I looked around a few minutes later most everyone was "on". We banged haddock constantly the rest of the day. One right after the other.  Today we also had Scott from the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association ( on board. Scott was tagging undersized haddock as part of a research project his group was conducting. Scott was a lot of fun to have on the boat. He was tagging fish we were going to release anyhow, and he stepped in to help when things got hectic in the afternoon. Our party started to call him "The Biologist". Instead of "Get the Gaff", when they pulled up a small haddock they yelled "Get the biologist." What a howl!  Awesomely beautiful and comfortable weather, tons of fish and a great group of passengers. It doesn't get any better than today!



July 22, 2006 - Dedicated striper trip. Today was the first time this year we specifically targeted striped bass. This morning dawned a dreary foggy day. We headed off to one of our favorite inshore striper spots. You couldn't see past the bow of the boat. Gotta love that radar!! We hunted around for an hour or so without marking a thing. We made another small move and threw in a couple of pieces of chum. The screen on the fish finder showed a mark - finally. I called out that we were marking. Then another mark on the screen. Hooked up. The screen stayed lit up the rest of the day. We caught our limit of keepers, and a ton of schoolie striper as well. Dreary day or not - we had an awesome trip. Tons of big striper, and big smiles all around!


July 29, 2006 -  We saw bubble feeding whales big time today. They were feeding everywhere. Our client sent us some awesome shots of whales feeding. In the afternoon, we went inshore to fish for striped bass. The water temperature had cooled significantly since last week. We caught several small stripers (less than keeper size). The water temperatures will warm during the week, and the bass will turn on again.


July 30, 2006 - We left the stripers inshore and headed offshore deep sea fishing today. The weather on land has been uncomfortably hot and steamy. We enjoyed glorious comfortable weather 20 miles at sea.  We spent the better part of today on the hook. The tide was running a little strong for drifting. The fishing - AWESOME. The entire day we moved one time only. The catch today consisted of mostly haddock with a few cod and a few large racer pollock thrown in. Our party of four boated over 70 keepers.  All on board had a fun day at sea!.




Aug 5, 2006 -  We've been falling a little behind in posting our trips the past week or so. The action at sea continues unabated. All our trips lately have targeted cod and haddock. We've been having one solid ground fish after another. Today we taught four gentlemen with no experience how to catch cod and haddock. It took a couple of hours for them to get the hang of catching ground fish. Once they got the hang of it - look out. Instead of bringing up shiny hooks without bait on them they were bringing up lots of cod and haddock. Several large cusk and pollock thrown in for good measure.



Aug 9, 2006 -  Can't get enough of these offshore cod and haddock trips. Awesome weather and great bottom fishing every trip. Our guests today were two brother's in law. They left the wives and 7 kids (5 kids and 2 kids between them) for a day of adventure offshore. Once again we loaded up. Just the two of them fishing, plus my mate and myself. Over fifty keepers for a short day. A very healthy production for just a few anglers. We have a ground fish trip scheduled for this Saturday, and stripers for Sunday. All this fishing is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.


Aug 12, 2006 -  The F\V Sandy B is on a roll! We had our full complement of 6 fishing with us today. Bent rods all over the boat for the whole day. We anchored up at one of my favorite spots. The fish bit as soon as we got a line in the water, and they bit until just before we went home. We filled our big cooler to the top. Filled my personal cooler to the top. Several BIG racer pollock, a few cod and a boatload of haddock. Everyone on board had an awesome day. Check out the fish box filled with filets in the bottom corner of the second picture from today.  We'll be back to this spot at our earliest opportunity.  That's for sure!


Aug 13, 2006 -  Today we headed back to the spot where we slammed 'em yesterday. Boy how everything can change overnight. We picked up a couple of haddock, a bunch of redfish (very tasty), and a TON of dogfish. Needless to say, it was time to go hunting. We headed another 7 miles further offshore to another of our favorite spots. A spot so secret even the fish don't know where it is. Apparently the fish found out the secret. We loaded up on cod, haddock and racer pollock. Once more - piles of haddock. Almost all the haddock were huge. 


Aug 16, 2006  -  We've been really busy the past few weeks. Every trip for cod and haddock. We have been consistently loading up every trip. Today was no exception. Beautiful weather and a boatload of fish.


Aug 18, 2006  -  Monster Cod & Haddock trip today. Our favorite trip. Plenty of time to fish, and plenty of time to try a couple of new\old spots. We picked away at the fish all day long. No big flurries - just a steady pick. Filled up the coolers with cod and haddock. The haddock were huge again today. Towards the end of the day the fishing slowed to a crawl. We already had a load of fish in the boat, and we also had a little time left. We mad a move to a spot a spot we haven't fished in 5 or 6 years. This area at one time was extremely prolific, then it got fished out. No one fishes there anymore. The second our rigs hit the bottom we were hooked up. Several keeper cod, some really large cusk, and a couple of large haddock in 20 minutes. Several cod that were just a little short got thrown back. We now have a new/old area to add to our list.


Aug 19 - Aug 26, 2006  -  We have been busy as can be this week. No time for individual trip reports. Several  striper and ground fish trips. The stripers and bluefish have been running strong this past week. Tons of bluefish with several respectable striped bass mixed in.   It's been tough getting to the bass when the blues are so voracious. Cod and haddock fishing has been great as usual. We are looking forward to some superior fall cod fishing as the waters begin to cool off. We had a chance to target school tuna this week. The school tuna run this year has been phenomenal, and we are glad to have had a chance to go tuna fishing. Nine hookups, and 6 fish brought to the boat. All the fish in the 30 to 100 pound range. I am told there are some giants mixed in. We did not see any giants the day we went out.



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