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March 25, 2006 - We made our second cod and haddock trip of the year today. Off the dock before 6:00 AM. Winds from the Northeast 15-25 Knots. Seas 3-6 feet with an occasional 7 footer thrown in for good measure. Our party had made the trip from New York yesterday based on the marine forecast of 5-10 knot winds. The forecast changed overnight - to put it mildly. A lot of boats turned back due to rough seas. The Sandy B II at 42 feet long and 18 feet wide is built for weather just like we had today. Our party had made the trip from NY, so the least we could do was to head out offshore if possible. No problem. The boat and all on board handled the weather easily. We did have to hunt around for a while before we found fish, and it was rough.  On anchor we were all relaxed and comfortable. We did find fish and everyone had a great day. We will be fishing regularly now, and we expect to have yet another awesome Spring ground fish season.


April 1, 2006 - Another early start this morning. We had to hunt around a little to find fish this morning. Once again, persistence paid off, and we got on a pile of cod. We made some new friends, and had a great day!



April 8, 2006 - We had an awesome day fishing offshore today. Tons of cod, just a few haddock. We found ourselves a little further offshore than usual. The trip was worth it. Lots of bent rods. A couple of wolf eels and a large racer pollock in addition to a bunch of cod and haddock. Plenty of  beautiful white fillets. All in all, a great day for deep sea fishing. The weather is finally turning warmer after a cold spring. We are looking forward to tomorrow's trip. Light winds and warmer weather are in the forecast.


April 9, 2006 -  Last nights forecast: NE winds 5-10 Knots. Sea 1-3 knots. Arrive at the dock 5:30 AM - NE winds 15-20. Gusts to 25. Small craft advisory. Problem: Where do we take the family that drove here from upstate NY based on the forecast? We first headed to one of our inside humps 12 miles from the mouth of Gloucester harbor. Caught a bunch of cod and haddock. When the fishing slowed we hauled the anchor and headed off to another spot a little in the lee of the land. Much calmer. We drifted a while and picked a few more fish. A little too slow for my tastes. We moved a couple of miles further off shore and anchored up again. It took a few minutes till we started catching fish again. The fish did show up, and we put more cod and haddock in the boat. The young man pictured below picked up a wolf fish.  When the weather does not agree - you gotta adapt. We had to move around a bit today to find fish where the conditions were reasonable. In the end we caught plenty of fish and had a fun day.


April 22, 2006 -  Haddock Heaven. We had another amazing trip today. We filled one of our 160 quart coolers to the top, and a second cooler more than half way with cod and haddock. Bent rods all day long. Over 350 pounds of cod and haddock. Mainly haddock. The weather is getting nicer, and the fish are biting like crazy. We are solidly on a huge pile of fish within 14 miles of Gloucester. Last year we fished the same area for several weeks before we headed further off shore to our summer fishing grounds. We are going to slam this same spot while the fish are there!!!


April 29, 2006 -  We headed back to our favorite early season fishing spot again this morning. Winds from the Northeast 20-25 knots. Seas 3-5 feet  with periods of higher winds and seas of 4-6  feet around noon. None of the smaller charter boats were able to make it out past three miles today. It's nice to have a boat the size of the Sandy B. Especially when it's rough. The boat barely moved in the waves. I've never fished a more stable boat than this one. Totally comfortable all day. None of our party got the least bit queasy. The fishing was excellent. We overfilled one of our big coolers with cod and haddock. Not counting the 20 keepers I caught myself. About a 60-40 split haddock to cod. Another great fishing year is upon us.



May 6, 2006 -  Capt. Rick Delacono took the boat today. My wife and I had a wedding to attend. It was a rare day off for me.  Friday night I gave Rick the coordinates where we have been fishing. He and his party got a beautiful warm day. Calm and windless. The fishing?? He loaded up. Almost all haddock. One of the cod fish weighed in at 35 pounds. Nice fish. Good work on Rick's part.



May 7, 2006 -  Off the dock before 6 o'clock this morning. Capt. B, mate Paulie and our party from NY. Offshore banging cod and haddock. This morning it was breezy, and we were on the hook, putting cod and haddock in the box. When the winds died we went on the drift. Later in the afternoon, the winds picked up again, and we were back on the hook. Whether we were anchored up or drifting, we were picking away at the fish. By the end of the day, we had our usual pile of fish in the boat. Some days drifting is more productive. Today it didn't matter if we were on anchor or adrift, the fishing was the same - steady. We caught a big cod - not quite as big as the one Rick caught yesterday. If it weren't for the big wolf fish we put in the boat I'd be hearing about the cod his party caught on my day off. For those that have not had the pleasure to eat wolf fish - it is awesome. I always tell people they don't want it - that we will use it for bait. No one ever believes me. Wolf fish is called the poor man's lobster. In fact their meat is the consistency of lobster. They eat shellfish. Cooked cajun style (blackened) they taste delicious. I didn't get to take this one home either. As you can see below - they are a very cute looking fish!





May 16, 2006 -  PHEW. What a week. Actually more like 10 days. We had the most rain since the 1930's. Every day. Torrential flooding. Roads closed. Homes ruined. With the rains - high winds - huge seas. We have had wave heights consistently between 12-18 feet. No way we could get out. Today the forecast was for more rain in the morning, then scattered showers in the afternoon. Seas 4-6 in Easterly swell. Swells are not bad. Once more we were off the dock at 6 O'Clock. No idea what the fishing would be like after all the weather and insane runoff. The first thing I noticed when we got to the spot we have been fishing recently was the water color. Dirty greenish-brown. Boy had the bottom been stirred up by the heavy seas . We anchored up and dropped our rigs. The runoff was so strong the gear shot off straight behind the boat. By the time we hit bottom, our rigs were far in back of the vessel. Lift the rod tip. Drag the sinker towards me a little. Lift the rig again and get a little more of the rig back to me. Bang. The fish were chasing the rig. Being teased. Almost like drifting. There were only three in our party fishing, plus the mate and myself. We picked away at cod and haddock all day long. Way more haddock than cod. Same type of day as the last time we went out. No giant flurry followed by a dry spell. Just a steady pick. At the end of the day we had our fish. Thankfully, the weather of the past 10 days had not disturbed the fish at our spot!



May 20, 2006 -  Offshore Insanity!!! I have to admit that at 5:30 AM this morning it looked like today was going to be a blow out. The wind was whipping 20 - 30 knots. It appeared that today was not going to be any fun at all. Today's charter had not had a pleasant ride to Gloucester from where they live in Pennsylvania yesterday. A long drive was made even longer due to an overturned tank truck on the Massachusetts Turnpike. The truck was carrying natural gas. The Pike ended up being closed all day. After sitting stopped on the Pike for an hour they drove over the median and reversed direction. I can hardly blame them. Many circuitous back roads led them to Rt. 128. Including major detours and delays it took them ten hours to make it to Gloucester.  After the effort they made to get here, we were at least going to head out to see if we could make it offshore. The one thing we had in our favor was the wind direction SW. We did have a rough ride out. When we anchored up the boat settled down nicely, and we were able to fish very comfortably. The fishing - well worth the trip out. We slammed haddock all morning. As the day progressed, the wind let go. Late in the morning when the fishing slowed,  we made a small move. As the anchor pulled tight a friend of mine drove up, and asked how we were doing. I told him that the fishing had been good, but at the moment it was slow. He headed off to a spot six miles further off shore. A few minutes later he called on the radio - two miles from where we were he was on a PILE of fish. You never saw anyone haul an anchor up so fast in your life. The wind had pretty much died by now so we tried a little drift fishing. I have to extend a big thank you to my friend for the call. We hooked one haddock after another until it was time to go home. Big ones! A total of three keeper cod for the day. Well over one hundred haddock. Not counting the cooler my mate and I almost filled. A memorable and enjoyable day for sure!




May 21, 2006 -  We headed back off shore at the crack of dawn this morning. Lines in the water by 7 AM. Tons of haddock, and several cod. Put a nice 40 pound cod in the boat, as well as a 15+ pound cusk. Once more, we caught fish on anchor and  while drifting. Awesome. Another great day at sea with a great group of people.





May 27, 2006 -  We made our last trip to our inshore fishing grounds today. Banged plenty of haddock in the morning, then the fishing slowed. In any event this area will open up to commercial fishing on June 1st. Once this spot is open to the draggers, gill netters and longliners the fishing will definitely slow down here. Can't put the entire blame on the commercial guys. The fish generally leave this area when the water warms up. Then they open the area to commercial fishing after the fish have moved to other areas. The commercial guys only get to fish 38 days a year anyhow. I have no problem with them fishing where they can make a days pay. Imagine if you were told you could only work 38 days a year.  That being said, the fishing had slowed this morning, so we went hunting. We tried several humps and deeper areas nearby, picking a couple of fish here and there. Towards the end of the day we made a move 6 or 7 miles off to the east to a hump we usually begin fishing about now. In the hour we had at this spot (it was getting late), we picked up some nice cod in the 30 inch range, and several more haddock as well. The fish normally move east to colder and deeper water this time of year. We will be fishing off to the east as well.


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