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Fishing Reports Spring 2008




March-April 2008

Captain Bill and Mate Mike have been running the boat all spring. They have been consistently loading up on cod and haddock. They have been doing an awesome job catching fish.  The guys  have been devoting all of their time to our guests. They have not been taking a lot of pictures. We have just a few to post from this year to date. We will have more in the next few days.


May 3&4,  2008  Captain Bill  & Mike had back to back charters the past two days. I asked Bill to make sure and take some pictures for our fishing reports and he did. The guys were really into the cod and haddock. Mostly cod and a bunch of haddock. Day one was a monster cod and haddock trip, and they filled more than two of our big coolers. Lots of cod in the 8 - 15 pound range. Plenty of haddock as well. Day 2 was an 8-9 hour trip. More of the same. More cod than haddock. Spring season is coming on strong, and we are slamming fish. We don't like to say we are catching fish without photographic documentation! Thanks to Bill for stopping to take some shots for us to post! 


May 15 &16,  2008  Captain Bluefin & Mate Mike got to fish together for the first time this year, and we made the most of it. Two days of absolute pandemonium. Nice weather and phenomenal fishing. Both days we had only 4 men in the party. We definitely wore these guys out! Today we had one guy that literally was falling asleep on his feet.  Both days three big coolers filled to the brim. We were catching what I like to call a mixed grill. Two keepers at once - 1 cod and one haddock. Lot's of doubles. Very few dry spells. Absolutely CRAZY AWESOME fishing. It was nice to be back on the water.


May 17,  2008  The team of Bill and Mike went out today. Back to the spot the boat has fished all season - to date. Another beautiful day of fishing. Full coolers. Plenty of good sized cod and haddock. The shot of the coolers with fish was taken mid-day with a lot of fishing still to be done.


May 18,  2008  Today we had a rare day of fishing with family and friends, and we made the most of it. A late start, early in and non-stop action on the grounds. The second shot shows my family one in behind the other. That's the captain with the yellow hat in back. The blonde in front of me is my lovely bride. In front of my wife is our 10 year old daughter Sara. And last but not least - the little maniac being restrained by his sister is our seven year old son Jacob. It was great to get a chance to spend some time at sea with them. The bottom shot shows our friends the Merkel family on the left. On the right are our friends Megan and Geoff. We couldn't have had a better day. Lots of love and great fishing.  It couldn't have been any better!


May 24,  2008  Capt. Bill and Mate Mike had the boat again today. They fished off-shore targeting mainly haddock. They had a beautiful warm day to fish, and were at a great spot for fishing. Plenty of haddock came over the railing - that's for sure. It's always nice to take home bags full of fresh pure white filets!







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