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Fishing Reports October 2007


Oct. 6, 2007 -   Tuna fishing has been superior this year. We have been getting at least one fish just about every trip. Today was one of those beautiful fall days you dream about. Warm temperatures, clear skies (by 9:00 AM), and calm seas. Even better, once again we had a great group of people on board. Were there tuna around to make it a perfect day? YES! From the minute we started fishing we marked fish on the fish finder. Would they bite? You bet.  The tally for the day was 5 hookups and three fish to the boat. All of the fish were between 80 and 120 pounds. We can't tell you what we were doing, but there were several other bites as well that did not result in a hookup. All on relatively light tackle. Awesome. We have one or two days open for the rest of the season. It sure wouldn't break my heart to target tuna.


Oct. 10, 2007 -   We were scheduled to go cod and haddock fishing today. Onboard we had a couple from Missouri. I can tell you one thing: for them it's a heckuva long walk to the beach. Apparently they had driven all the way from Kansas to fish with us. We were scheduled to go out yesterday, but we got blown out. We all shuffled our schedules, and managed to put today's trip together. As we were heading out of the harbor, I gave them their choice. Fish for bluefin tuna on light tackle, or ground fish for cod and haddock. They decided to roll the dice and go tuna fishing. If you have been following our fishing reports this year you have seen we have hooked up on almost every trip. Most of the time we have had several hookups. I always feel pressure to perform. When people take a ride across the country to fish with us - we really feel the pressure. We definitely did not want to disappoint our party, and we definitely didn't. We had four hookups and 3 fish to the boat. Not bad for a short day. We've been slamming tuna all year, and today was no different.


Oct. 13, 2007 -   The boat went fishing without me today. I had a command family performance, and was unable to make the trip. Bummer. A monster cod and haddock trip. I have to admit the guys did just fine without me. Three big coolers filled to the top. Almost all haddock again. One good sized cod. I was not there to do photo ops. All I got back from today's captain was a picture of the big cod, and some haddock fillets for the family.  I'll settle for the fish.



Fishing Charter Massachusetts - Sandy B Fishing Charters - Gloucester MA - Cod Tuna Striped Bass