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Deep Sea Fishing Charter Gloucester, Massachusetts

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Deep Sea Fishing Charters - Gloucester, MA

Gloucester Massachusetts Deep Sea Charter Boat Fishing at its Best

Cod and Haddock Fishing Charters

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Mate Paulie & Capt. Bill cod fishing on the Sandy B


Cod and Haddock fishing charter trips run year round from our docks in Gloucester, MA. Ground fishing for cod and haddock out of Massachusetts and the Gloucester Cape Ann area in specific is a New England fishing tradition and way of life. While ground fishing for Cod fish and Haddock out of Gloucester is a centuries old tradition, we like to bring modern technology into play. We use our powerful sonar and fish finder to locate large schools of fish, and track their location throughout the day. If Chef Pauly is your mate for the day he can fillet and prepare fresh caught cod or haddock for lunch if you wish. Who says you have to totally rough it on a fishing trip? We love to fish hard, eat well and be comfortable too.

Our cod and haddock charters run 9 hours. The monster cod and haddock charter runs for 12 hours.

We welcome you to join us for an exciting fishing excursion inshore or offshore. Give Capt. Bluefin a call to arrange a super cod and haddock fishing charter for your party of up to six people.

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